What Our Clients Are Saying


Northbrook, IL

The excitement of welcoming a baby into our family was also coupled with immense anxiety related to labor and delivery. The anxiety and fear of labor and delivery grew more and more terrifying as my pregnancy progressed. We had interviewed a few doulas and knew within minutes of meeting Nicole that she was the right fit for us. Nicole exuded kindness and understanding with a balance of facts and information. During our first meeting, I remember Nicole listening to us, hearing our concerns, and extending her hand to mine.

It felt as though we were her only focus and she was committed to helping us through this process. With each visit, she had a bag of goodies ranging from vitamins to support the growth of our baby, items to ease labor and delivery, and things for once we arrived home. Nicole was a resource of information and emotional support and was available to guide us through every step of the way.

When it was time to deliver our baby, Nicole was a source of strength, encouragement, and comfort. Our labor brought several twists and turns that we had not expected. It was Nicole’s presence that helped my husband and I to endure the process in a positive frame of mind. She stayed by our sides and helped us to understand the medical jargon and activity going on around us. She held my hand, massaged sore leg muscles, managed our visitors, and brought peace into an overwhelming environment. I could not imagine this experience without her by our sides and am so grateful for Nicole. She was an integral part of our birthing story and is now an important part of our extended family.


Northbrook, IL

My husband I cannot sing enough praises for Nicole and her wonderful care of our newborns and knowledge of pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, babies and everything in between! The second Nicole walked in our home 5 weeks after our first child was born I felt an instant connection to her and immediately knew she would be a perfect doula for our family. Nicole was always prompt and came ready to answer any questions we had and be supportive to the needs of the baby as well as ours. She showed us how to get a bedtime routine established even at a mere 5 weeks old and coached us on feeding, diapering, sleep and reflux. My husband and I were able to get sleep a few nights a week while she stayed with the baby and handled changing, feeding and putting the baby back to sleep. When the baby was sleeping she always looked to do extra chores around the house, laundry, cleaning bottles, preparing bottles for the next day and always leaving everything tidy for us in the morning.

Our family welcomed our second child 14 months after our first and there was no doubt about having Nicole back in our home. This time around our needs changed a bit and she was able to help care for both children during the day so I could get errands done as well as some nights so we could catch up on sleep or have a night out. She readied us on the pressure 2 small children can bring to a household and prepared us ahead of time on how life was going to change. Having Nicole in our home was always pleasant and calm. She prepared meals for us when we asked and would stop and pick up anything we needed before she came to our home.

Shockingly, we had our third baby 11 months after our second and this time I wanted to have a natural birth experience. Nicole was the right person for that as well. The most helpful aspect of having a doula was having someone with us the whole time who supported our wish for a natural childbirth, and who knew what was happening and could provide comfort and confidence throughout. At my son’s birth, Nicole was at my side the entire time, guiding me through the pain, cheering me on, rubbing my back and helping through some very intense contractions. My husband was much more at ease knowing Nicole knew the stages of labor and what to expect. Her role in the labor room was nothing short of impressive, she was caring and professional. Nicole’s calm and encouraging presence was empowering to me, my husband and family. This made for an especially rewarding birthing experience. We are so blessed that Nicole was there to share this special moment in our lives and we highly recommend her as a doula.

I treasured my time with Nicole in our home. I trusted her with our children and never doubted advice she gave during her time here. My children smile when I talk about her and I will always look back on the beginning months of my children’s lives and remember how thankful we were to have her in our lives. She truly has a passion for life, children and her actions speak volumes to the knowledge she brings into your family’s lives. My husband and I are better parents for having her love and support as we quickly grew our family.